Beats the free stuff

“Why should I spend $49 to attend your MasterClass? Aren’t there are free sources out there for the info in your Rapid Cash Generator?”

There is indeed a ton of free information floating around out there.

That’s the problem.

Waaaaay too much to sort, sift, and separate.

And then how do you know if it still really works?

It is *free* after all.

If it was truly valuable, shouldn’t someone be charging for it?

Ask yourself if you really do value and trust free info?

And do you value it enough to actually implement it?

It’s like a gym membership, many people say they are signing up because THEN they will actually do it. The financial commitment makes them do what they’ve been avoiding even though they KNOW they should do it. (But unlike a gym membership, my MasterClass doesn’t keep on charging you!)

It’s the same with information.

When you pay for it, you value it more.

That’s just a fact.

And while there is tons of different stuff floating around out there, who has the time to bother to dig through it all?

Isn’t it better to just find someone who has a wonderfully round working wheel that spins efficiently, rather than reinventing the wheel yourself?

That’s what I do at my Rapid Cash Generator 1-Day MasterClass.

I show you the real estate systems and techniques that I ACTUALLY USE, on a day-to-day basis, to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle of my choice.

And that has massive value.

So if you want to learn my shortcuts,

And if you’re done screwing around with random free information you found on the internet, then it’s time to get onboard.

Take off here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors


“Tom Zeeb has the formula for success.  You just need to follow what he says.”
– David McGrady

“The best help from Tom was the negotiation techniques & tactics. His Bootcamp got me on track.”
– Ryne Lambert

“I used your marketing. I used your contract. I got the deal and got it done.”
– Danisha Byrd

“I’m so happy today, I am about to do my first rehab property all thanks to you.”
– Eric Nkemtaji

“I implemented what was shown. I just started doing it & BAM! my first deal came in.”
– Godfrey De La Rosa

“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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