Be Columbus Courageous

Columbus’s men were plotting throw him overboard.

They had lost faith in their voyage.

They had lost faith in their leader.

So it was time for mutiny.

Columbus sensed it coming, but kept his cool, calm, and confident demeanor.

This inspired the men.

And when he told them he would indeed turnaround and go back if they didn’t find land in 3 days, they decided to stick it out with him.

That’s where most people fail.

They quit and turn back far too early.

Usually when they are just inches away from the prize, but since they can’t clearly see it or know it yet, they lose all faith in themselves.

When Columbus did finally see land, everything changed.

His crew of negative nay-sayers was now silenced.

He was completely vindicated.

And the world quite simply would never be the same.

Is your voyage into having a profitable real estate investing business the same as Columbus’ voyage?

* Are you losing faith & confidence?
* Are you surrounded by negative nay-sayers trying to take you down?
* Are you uncertain that success is actually just ahead of you?

Then it’s time to get a plan, bolster your confidence, and have the support of the crew you actually need.

Sail your ship confidently in this direction.

There are only a few seats left, and it starts this Friday.

Land ho’:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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