Avoiding the “Stupidity Tax”

I hate taxes.

There is nothing more devastating to prosperity than having your money stolen and redistributed by the government.

Looking at all the waste, I’d rather keep my money.

Because I know that I’ll spend it much better. (and what I spend directly enriches the lives of those people and businesses I spend it on.)

Well, there’s another tax you need to avoid as well.

It’s the “stupidity tax”.

What’s that?

It’s when you get fined for a bad choice or failure to act.

It’s when you waste tons of valuable time or money on something that you didn’t really need to be doing.

Basically reinventing the wheel when there is already a nice round one that spins perfectly.

You waste your money. (Usually trying to save money.)

You waste your time. (Also usually thinking it saves you money.)

But not learning how to do something right actually costs you MORE in the end.

Or it costs you a lost opportunity as you simply give up and never get ahead.

So stop paying the stupidity tax and start using a system that has already been proven.

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You’ll be glad you did.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors