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The two Main Marketing Elements

VIDEO: The 2 Main Marketing ElementsIn this video you’ll learn the 2 Main Marketing Elements for finding motivated sellers in your real estate investing business. (and be sure to watch at the 1:27 minute mark for a bit of blooper)HEAR WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING…“Tom Zeeb has the formula for success.  You just need to follow what he says.”– David McGrady“I…

Insider Techniques That Work for Wholesaling, Rehabbing, or Rentals

All real estate deals are the same at the beginning. You have to find the deal, make the deal, and get it to settlement. The road doesn’t fork until after your first settlement when you choose whether to flip wholesale, rehab, or keep it as a rental. So what I’m going to teach you here applies to all types of real…

How to Build a Lifestyle Business That Truly Sets You Free

Your business should be built around your lifestyle goals, but so many people miss this point and then get stuck in the trap of working more to make more. I’ll show you how to focus correctly right from the start so that you can “have it all” – a terrific income and a terrific life!