Savaging talk radio haters

Time to dig into the mailbag.

Hit it maestro…

Tom, your emails are almost like talk radio. It takes a pair to go out on a limb like that publically. Especially with many of your strong points of view. I’m not sure I actually would. Easier to just keep my head down, bro.  Keep up the good fight. Someone has to.

Yes. They are like talk radio.

And just like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, half my list hates me.

I’ve grown used to it.

It comes with having strong opinions about things.

But you can’t argue with success.

(Well, you could, but you’d be wrong.)

So never fear, I’ll keep on telling you what works and what doesn’t.

Some will follow me and achieve success too.

And others will just keep disagreeing, doubting, and never getting ahead.

Funny how that works.

Which will you be?

It’s your choice.

Prove yourself here:

Tom Zeeb
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