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Another quit their job through Traction

Last night, another Traction real estate member told me she is quitting her job.

She has earned enough this year through flipping deals that she no longer see the point of keeping her job.

I was very proud and excited to hear this excellent news!

Who is she and how did she do it?

Neva is one of the graduates from my Traction real estate mentoring program. A few months ago she made $40,000 just from wholesale flipping a property like I taught her how to do.

Now she did it again, and this time made $8,400.

So in only the first half of this year she’s taken in $48,400 from flipping just 2 properties.

Think this changed things for her?

Yes it did.

She decided that what she really wants to do now is to quit her job so she can stay home with her newborn daughter and be a full-time mom. She now knows that she can do both. She’ll be a full-time investor and a full-time mom. Definitely the best of both worlds.

So she quit and is now living her dream.

She’s happy. Her husband is happy. And her daughter is happy.

You can meet Neva here and hear her successes in her own words as she describes her deals and how she achieved success.

Click here:


Celebrating success,

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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