And then the valley filled with smoke…

Many people told me they enjoyed yesterday’s video from Wyoming ( ).

Yes, it is indeed gorgeous country out there.

But it can be threatening too.

We had a couple of touch-and-go situations.

The kind that force you to think on your toes.

Like late one evening, when the valley filled with smoke.

“Dang, there must be a big fire nearby.”

What do you do?

Stay the course?



Where to?

We were 20 miles from the nearest road and hiking out over difficult terrain using only headlamps wasn’t a very attractive option.

Especially after an already exhausting day.

We’d do it if necessary, but it wasn’t preferable at all.

Just like in business, sometimes things go wrong. And you just need to be prepared to make decisions based on the options you have available at the moment.

The first step that is you need to know what your options are.

And then you need to know how to decide which course of action is best.

In our case, we stayed put.

The valley we were in was pretty barren. And without any trees or vegetation to act as fuel, the fire probably wouldn’t come our way.


But happily we wound up being right.

Making the right call depends on a number of factors: Knowing the overall scenario, good current intel, confidence in your experience, and trust in your judgment.

All skills that are crucial to being in business as well.

How do you build this skillset?

You learn from someone who already has it and knows how to break it down into its logical components and then teach it.

That’s what I’ll be doing at the Traction Event. Transferring my knowledge to you and sharing my experience so that you can advance further and faster than you would otherwise.

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced; you’ll move multiple rungs up the ladder no matter where you currently are.

I’ll clear the smoke out for ya…

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors


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