Anatomy of a Renovation & Resale

Many people want to do highly profitable renovations.

It’s the classic idea of “flipping houses”.

It’s also one of the biggest moolah makers in the business.

But it takes lots of detailed analysis and work. And it has downside risk, as there is a lot at stake.

* What does it take to do a full rehab?
* What does it take to manage the contractors?
* What does it take to nail the resale price?
* What does it take to deal with all the hurdles and pitfalls that rear their ugly head along the way?
* What does it take to do it all correctly and turn a handsome profit?

And most importantly, how does one go about learning this?

It can make the difference between massive success OR massive failure and ruin.

I have a very BIG renovation going on right now.

And I’m inviting you to look over my should for each-and-every step of the process.

You’ll see it all in ultra-deep detail with nothing held back.


I’m filming every step of the process.

The full “anatomy” of the deal.

So you’ll see all the nitty-gritty…

* How I inspect it.
* How I accurately comp it with my agent.
* How I decide on the proper finishes.
* How we push maximum value.
* What irritations I have to deal with and overcome.
* How my contractor handles all the work and various issues.
* How I do it remotely while on a massive 48-state roadtrip with my wife & kids.
* And much, much more…

It’s like being with me for every step of the entire process, but even better, as you can watch on pretty much any device from anywhere no matter where you are located.

Filmed live in real time as events unfold before your eyes.

With no script, no prep, no fancy editing.

Just the raw experience and knowledge so you can learn, absorb, and improve your investing game.

If you learned just one technique for cutting rehab costs, would it be worth it?

If you learned just one lesson on ratcheting up your property’s value, would it be worth it?

If you learned just one tip that massively accelerated your investing career, would it be worth it?

And if you get this now during the pre-launch, you’ll get a super $225 discount that won’t be offered again.

You only have until this Friday to nab this special discounted rate.

After that, no discount for you.

Hit this link and then use the coupon code “anatomy2021” (without quotes) on the order page. Be sure you see the price drop before you click “Submit Order”.

Anatomy of a Renovation & Resale

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