American coins frustrate people

American coins frustrate people.

And also the fact that all our paper bills are the same size.


Well, our coins don’t have the amount written on them.

We know a dime is worth 10 cents, a nickel 5, and a quarter 25.

But foreigners don’t know that, and certainly don’t even know our names for each coin. So it’s frustrating to have a pocket full of coins you have to decipher to use.

So what about the paper bills? What’s wrong with them?

Well, even though they have the value written clearly on them, my foreign friends always ask me “what do blind people do since all the bills are the same size?”

I hadn’t thought about that…

Most foreign countries vary the size of their paper bills and therefore blind people can tell the amount based on the size of the bill.

Not sure why we don’t.

What I do know is that people learn to adapt and figure out ways to manage even if things aren’t straight-forward.

It’s the same in the real estate business.

Not everything is straight-forward. You have to be like water running downhill and adapt to your surroundings and situation.

Wouldn’t things be better for you if they were just straight-forward?


But business (and life) isn’t always like that.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Figure things out on your own.

Learn the various “workarounds”.

Because if things were that easy, then everyone would be doing it.

But they’re not.

Because it takes a special type of person.

Someone willing to put in an ounce of effort.

Most people aren’t.

They let everything get in the way:
Jobs, bosses, family, kids, spouses, TV, news, “the economy”, etc.

Any excuse possible is better than having to admit what the real problem is.

And that real problem is looking you in the mirror.

You don’t have to be a problem.

You can solve it simply.

But it requires action.

And effort.

If you aren’t willing to put both in, then you won’t get anything out.

That’s it.

It really is that simple.

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