Am I just Artificial Intelligence writing to you so much?


It’s actually me.

Not Artificial intelligence.

Yes, I send a lot of email (okay, literally a ton), and crazy as it may be to write so much by myself, it’s for good reason.

It’s useful.

You get a daily dose of real estate business insight and often a laugh.

The daily tempo & rhythm help get you — and keep you — focused.

And focus is the #1 thing people seem to lose quickly.

Now with AI (artificial intelligence) starting to automatically write messages for people, I expect the quality of most things out there to go down even more.

And get very boring very fast.

Face it, I doubt computer generated emails will be truly funny or insightful. I’d bet it’ll be sorely lacking in personality. Just more automated garbage spewed out there for the mindless consumer.

I think you’re better than that. So I write to you myself.

Same thing with my trainings.

It’s me.

Not some random telemarketer who’s never done a deal.

The absurdity of thinking everything can be replaced by computer & auto-generated is tiresome.

It hasn’t worked well for “automated” or “intelligent” ibuyers, and it won’t work well for artificially written emails and posts.

It’ll just add to the already watered-down lameness of most things people waste their time consuming.

Nearly-identical and mass-produced garbage is coming your way. (Maybe not radically different from what you’ve been subjected to the past few years on Facebook and the internet, but now it’ll be absolutely everywhere, as it’s just easier.)

And why would you trust that AI hasn’t been, and isn’t, as corrupt and flat out wrong as everything else out there has been?

Food for thought.
And a word to the wise.

Speaking of teaching my trainings myself, if you want to make 2023 radically different from any other year, then let’s get started right.

Consider my training.

It comes with a full 12 months of support, so you won’t be left out in the cold, all alone, wondering what to do.

It’s admittedly not for everyone, but if you enjoy my daily messages and style, then you might enjoy being trained by me as well.

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