All the reasons you should skip me

There are plenty of programs out there that seem to specialize in getting people to fork over their life savings, and then delivering questionable training through someone random at a call center reading from a script.

If that sounds good to you, just stay away from me.

In fact,
Let me list out all the other reasons you should skip me. (this’ll be fun…)

#1 — If you want to spend time setting up relationships with “team members” who aren’t interested in you yet because you haven’t got any deals to do yet, skip me.

#2 — If you want to watch endless trainings spread out over time to keep you busy and so you can justify & argue that you’re actually getting something from what you spent, skip me.

#3 — If you want to do everything else but the core of what actually gets deals and results, skip me.

#4 — If you want to spend too much time thinking up a company name, skip me.

#5 — If you want to spend too much time designing a logo, skip me.

#6 — If you want to spend forever driving through traffic to do site visits to properties that never even had a snowball’s chance just to ‘feel productive’, when you could have figured that out on the phone much simpler, skip me.

#7 — If you want to waste tons of time learning a new piece of deal management software, even though you don’t have any deals to run through it, and it’s therefore pointless, skip me.

#8 — If you just want to write endless to-do lists full of fluff and then check things off, rather than doing the core things of what actually matter, skip me.

#9 — If you want to learn all about every last detail of a “new” exit strategy while you still don’t have any strategy to start, much less take any action, skip me.

#10 — If you think you just need to believe more in yourself, rather than just start taking action and implementing, skip me.

#11 — If you think paying $35K to $50K (or more!) somehow makes sense and is going to magically make you successful just because you spent BIG, skip me.

I’m sure I missed some more…

Here’s the bottom line:
I only want people willing to focus on the core of what actually works.

Everything else is noise.

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