All about me, myself, and I?

Yesterday’s email ( )
about making excuses for yourself brought in a litany of heated responses.

Good, bad and UGLY.

(There’s always ugly people out there, and they just can’t control themselves. Gosh, I wonder why they’re so miserable…)

Nothing like a strong pointed message to really make people stop and think about themselves and what they’re lacking.

I agree with you Tom, Well said… Of course some of the losers will be offended… Delete….
— Mark


And offended they were…

Stop sending me this bullsh*t, you are a self absorbed a**hole!
— Brian


I do tell stories about me, but my messages are all about YOU.

That’s why you’re reacting so intensely.

They force you to look at yourself.

And sometimes one doesn’t like what ones sees.

Especially as I don’t sugar-coat things.

So yes,

Sometimes the truth hurts.

It’s easier to run away than to admit it.

It’s easier to unsubscribe and go back to having that rationalization hamster run round-and-round.

Why do I do it?

Just to wind you up?


I do it because it wasn’t until I felt smacked around enough that I actually changed.

So now it’s your turn.

You’ll thank me later.

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