What if you are “that bad”?

So many times I failed because I thought I wasn’t “that bad”.

And that pride kept me from being successful.

Oh how much faster I would have gotten ahead if I would have just admitted that I had a problem.

A few examples:

I wasn’t “that bad” of a marketer.

Yet I wasn’t that good either.

When I finally got a mentor and fixed that, I started getting more leads and closing more deals.

I wasn’t “that bad” at knowing which legal contracts to use and why.

Yet I wasn’t that good either.

When I finally fixed that, I stopped screwing around with sub-standard contracts and hired an attorney to build me a complete set that my students and I still use to this day.

I wasn’t “that bad” at taking action consistently.

Yet I wasn’t that good either.

When I finally fixed that, I stopped wasting my days away with TV, empty socializing, and other nonsense and finally started to get traction in my business (and therefore my life). Then the profits rolled in as the freedom rolled out.


Think about it.

Be honest with yourself.

Brutally honest.

And candidly ask yourself:

What if you actually are “that bad”?

Because when you finally admit it, then you’ll finally be able to move ahead, break through your limitations, and achieve your BIG goals.

Need help?

I’ll be brutally honest with you if you can handle it.

Go here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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