Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel

Some people don’t think it is very manly to talk about their failures.

Like mistakes are never made.

Things never get goofed up.

Or how sometimes everything just goes uncontrollably pear-shaped.

Well, look at it this way:
Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel.

Everyone has a weak spot.



And Greek Gods.

Therefore the key is to identify it.

Know what can get to it.

And then protect it so that it doesn’t get hit.

There are many Achilles’ heels in your real estate investing business.

Plenty can go wrong.

Screw everything up.

And even cause you to lose your precious green stuff.

So it is worth it to learn how to protect these Achilles’ heels.

And that’s why I spend time at my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp telling you my personal stories of disaster, loss, and yes, defeat.

Because when you understand my Achilles’ heels, you’ll know how to protect your own.

What are they specifically?

I’m not going to tell you here.

Part of protecting a weak spot is not letting it be known publically.

So I only share it with the people at my bootcamps.

That keeps me safe, and makes it a true asset to them.

Ready to do business battle fearlessly?

Strengthen and protect your Achilles heel here:

Tom Zeeb
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– Dominic Mason

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