How accurate were my 2016 predictions so far?

Back on December 3rd of last year (2015), I put out some predictions I thought would happen this year. Let’s check in to see how they are stacking up…

“Trump will be voted president.”

And this spring, I stated I expect him to win by 12% (an absurd landslide, I know.)

People have been looking at me like I’m nuts when I’ve been saying that, but I’m standing by it.

At the time I wrote that no one even thought the “buffoon” would make it through the primaries.

We’ll find out next week.

“Safe and secure jobs will continue to be exposed as anything but.”

As I travel the country teaching my Rapid Cash Generator, I meet FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE who are stuck without jobs, or having to work multiple jobs because their employers won’t hire them full-time because the Obamacare requirements would destroy their businesses.

I’ve also met FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE whose jobs have cut them out just short of their pensions vesting, or who have been cut from a job they considered secure and now they are floating in despair.

“Entrepreneurs will continue to rise.”

Yup. Here too the only safe way forward is going off on your own so you remain flexible and able to adapt to circumstances on the ground as they appear.

But beware of which type of entrepreneur you choose to follow and become.

I’m a “bootstrap entrepreneur” who built my business up from scratch and without any financial assistance from anyone.

These days too many “entrepreneurs” take in millions of government grants or assistance money and I don’t think that is the same. I’m not into crony capitalism. And if you wait around for that handout, you’ll be waiting a long time.

I also think the best entrepreneurs get out there and do it on their own. Yet many people these days go to college for entrepreneurism. But it isn’t a college degree that makes it work. It’s your own internal toughness, drive, and un-relentlessness to succeed no matter what. You don’t need to go to college to become an entrepreneur. (I’ll get you going on 3 days, so don’t wait around for a 4 year degree!)

“More terrorist attacks will rock our world.”

Not one I’m happy to say I was also right on, but true.

Depending how you count (many are intentionally mislabeled), there have been at least 13 attacks in the USA alone so far this year.

That’s ridiculous.

But it’ll continue until we get serious.

And until we telegraph to the world that we actually are serious.

“America will start to rebound. (Probably beyond next year honestly.)”

Nope. Not yet.

It is indeed beyond this year.

But I’m confident we will rebound. That is what the American Spirit is all about after all.

We just need to let it loose.


I’m prepared for anything.

Are you?

No matter what happens in the rest of 2016 and in 2017, the time to get traction and stop spinning your wheels is now.

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