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Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Adventurer

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Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Adventurer

A funny thing happens when you nearly drown — you start to think about what you really want to do with your life. You lose patience with the obstacles holding you back. Like the 9-to-5 grind, a whopping 2 weeks’ vacation per year, and never-quite-enough money to pay the bills each month, much less for any of the extras that make life real special.

Back in 2001 Tom was broke as a joke.

A near-death experience while whitewater rafting pushed him to find a new way to break free of his 9-to-5 job.

His first "deal" almost took him under as well, but real estate investing saved him in the end. Both personally and financially.

Hundreds of deals later, he is happy to share the same negotiation, marketing and business techniques that set him free, so you can do the same. Simple, structured, and step-by-step.

Techniques that take you from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals.

Investors of all levels struggle with their businesses. Newbies want to get started, but often keep hitting the wall of confusion and spinning their wheels. Intermediate and advanced investors often find that they made a wrong turn and built a business they aren’t actually happy with, but don't know how to fix and re-engineer it.

Tom works with real estate investors of all levels to get their business built (or re-built) correctly, so that their personal goals and lifestyle stays at the center of everything they do, giving them more money, more time and more freedom to spend as they please.

It is amazing what a few tweaks to the core elements of your business can do for you. Tom teaches investors how to identify and implement those core elements.

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