A hard habit to break

Consider these statements I hear all the time:

1. “I have to work today.”

2. “I can’t take time off because my clients will get mad.”

3. “If I don’t work, I don’t make money.”

Who does it sound like?

An employee?

Or an entrepreneur?


It’s the entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur stuck with the mindset and habits of someone with a traditional job.

But that’s NOT the way it was supposed to be.

You go on your own to have more TIME.

You go on your own to have more FREEDOM.

You go on your own to have more MONEY.

So what happened?

What went wrong?

Why do I hear these things spouting from the lips of entrepreneurs?

* Because they didn’t build their businesses correctly.

* Because they aren’t accepting the mental shift that needs to occur.

* Because they didn’t put their personal goals and lifestyle at the center.

And so they suffer with a business that really isn’t any different from having a j-o-b.

They just happen to OWN this job.

But it still acts like a job because they are tied to it just like a job.

There isn’t any difference.

Because they failed to properly transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

1. They failed to build systems.
(Instead they are at the center of everything they need to do.)

2. They failed to focus on the *needed* and *important* work rather than the busywork.
(Instead they get wrapped up in all the time wasting activities that don’t produce a single cent of profit.)

3. They failed to focus on their MARKETING first and foremost.
(Instead they burned up all their time on their non-existent operation even though they didn’t have a single customer yet.)

3. They failed to realize that a true business needs more than just pointless social media “likes”.
(Instead they waste their time getting social media followers and ‘likes’ which feels like progress, but amounts to ZERO profits and ZERO deals in the end.)

4. They failed to keep going after the first round of setbacks and rejection.
(Instead they lost their nerve, focus, and determination and simply quit in fear when the going got tough, even though this is the normal, natural, and necessary process all us entrepreneurs go through.)

And the list goes on…

The attitude needed for a job is different than when you are an entrepreneur on your own.

You have to break the old habits.

Yes, they’re hard habits to break.

But break it you can.

And break it you must.

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Tom Zeeb
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