8 things I hate

Hate does have a home here.

As it should.

He who likes everything is a weakling, afraid to take a stand, afraid to actually achieve something wonderful by separating what’s good & true from what isn’t.

Forget about offending people.

That’s a trap to keep you stuck.

And to keep you compliant.

Instead, learn to recognize what you hate, and then actively repel it from your business and your life.

I’ll go first.

8 things I hate:

1. People who brag about or rely on their ‘credentials’ instead of their experience.

2. Liars in business. And in life too.

3. Absurd amounts of red tape that stifle business and the creative process needed to succeed. It’s a form of control that I actively rebel against.

4. Being told that stereotypes don’t matter. They do. But it isn’t always 100 percent accurate. Learning to recognize the typical patterns is powerful, as it makes dealing with people and negotiating easier. But knowing when it doesn’t apply makes it the basis for greatness, and recognizing the greatness in others. Which often makes for super successful negotiations and forms truly deep friendships.

5. The influence of Satan on earth, and how blind most people are to it.

6. Wasting time. It’s the #1 thing we have, and we can’t make more of it. And we don’t know how much of it we have left. So why let it pass by wasted on frivolous nonsense.

7. Being controlled by others. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is not having to be under the direct control of anyone else. Bask in the glory, or pity yourself in the shame. But it’s you and you alone, and your responsibility or your fault alone, and there’s something refreshing about that.

8. Empty rhetoric and deceptive propaganda instead of straight-forward facts. Which is everywhere these days, making me question everything I was taught or even thought was a fact.

There’s probably more.

But that’s enough for now.

Direct that hate properly and watch things actually get better.


But it works.

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