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He read my emails & made 6 grand…

Interesting day, as I received 2 completely opposite messages.

First, a subscriber complained that they don’t get any value from my messages.


I looked back on the emails I sent and in my last few messages here are the lessons from each:

— Setting yourself apart from the “normal” world of 9-to-5 jobs and corporate type thinking
— 3 terrific business negotiation lessons that often escape people because they don’t think about them
— Candid thoughts & insight on freedom, control and independence
— 3 popular questions about flipping properties
— A discussion of where flipping properties fits into the overall investing scene
— And an interview with one of my students who just flipped a property and made $40K — and she talked very openly about the entire deal and the process.

Perhaps they’re not actually reading my messages, nor watching my videos, because it looks like lots of solid value and great lessons I sent to everyone on my list.

Then, another subscriber told me how much my messages inspire him. So much so that he went out and did his first real estate deal due to my inspiration.

He’s now $6,500 richer just from reading my emails and then taking action.

The other person made zero extra, their life hasn’t improved, they’re probably still whining — but at least they’re getting one less email in their inbox now…

So, which person do you want to be like?

If it were me, I’d unsubscribe from all the other noise and just finally focus in on what actually works.

It’ll be refreshing and save you lots of time as well, as you won’t waste it reading all those things that don’t really give you any actionable info, much less any benefit.

If just an email can be that inspiring, imagine what it is like to be consistently and personally inspired by a real estate mentor and to have a simple, structured, and step-by-step system to follow to achieve real estate success on a regular basis…

The combination is deadly.

Yes, I do indeed share a lot to my public list, but I save my best stuff exclusively for the students in my real estate mentoring program.

It isn’t cheap, but nothing worth having is.

Find out more here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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