3 “Hidden” Negotiation Lessons

Many people get flat out scared of negotiating.

They think of “high-pressure sales” and since they never liked being on the receiving end of that, they don’t like the thought of being on the giving end either.

But I’m telling you it is wrong to think this way.

Good negotiation isn’t high-pressure sales.

Quite the opposite really.

Negotiation is figuring out what all parties need to make it into a successful deal. When all the parties are happy with what they’re getting, no one is a loser and no one feels pressured.

To be making great deals, you need to learn how to effectively deal with people and get them to agree with you. This is what negotiation is all about.

Do you want to get solidly profitable deals coming your way?

Then you need to get over your fear of negotiating, and master some simple skills.

Yes, it is easier than you think.

In fact, there is both an art and a science to negotiation.

You learn the science just from studying the basics and getting to know the lay of the land.

You then master the art by practicing. Simply by using and applying the basic techniques that you’ll learn from me and then making them a part of you.

It is easier than you think.

And fun too!

You’ll really get into it once you start to see the immediate results.

Here are 3 “Hidden” Negotiation Lessons that aren’t readily apparent to the uninitiated:

You are negotiating all the time whether you realize it or not.

Therefore learning these techniques will benefit all aspects of your life.

Accept this fact and don’t fight it. Just learn how to leverage it to your advantage.

Understanding that the other side has pressure on them to do the deal as well.

Both sides are under pressure to do the deal. So don’t feel too intimidated. Don’t think it is just you that needs to perform.

Don’t approach someone like you desperately need to buy.  Remember that they need to sell. And some need to sell really fast.

Recognize the pressures they have on them:

A. There is time pressure on them.
B. There is money pressure on them.
C. And there are other situational pressures on them.

Don’t forget that.

Stop and breath…

Take a step back…

And look at the situation calmly.

A lot of this is about going around the other side of the table and thinking like them, feeling like them, and recognizing what is going on there.

Just don’t forget that they have pressure on them to close the deal as well.

The desire to practice.

You need to be willing to practice your negotiation skills.

You do want to get better don’t you?

You see how these skills can massively improve your business, your job and your life (since as we said in #1 above, you are always negotiating, like it or not).

I have a friend whom I told to study these techniques. I sent my course to him and he said to me, “I am a good negotiator already. I know all that. I don’t need help.” I said, “Just humor me on this one. You are starting a new job and I think these techniques will really do you good.”

I had once thought the same thing myself, that I couldn’t get any better, etc.

That’s nonsense!

Everyone can get better if they study and practice the right things.

He did then actually study the techniques, and I got an email from him a couple of weeks later and he said, “That stuff was awesome. I’m doing so well now.”

He negotiated 25% discounts across the board from all the vendors he was dealing with. He said his boss is thrilled beyond belief and can’t believe what a great choice they made hiring him. He applied these techniques and totally changed the dynamics of the way that his company is doing business with other companies.

He said some of the stuff sounded basic but you just don’t always think about it, especially in a big-picture perspective that ties it all together.

If you want to know the right way to become a great negotiator, you need to learn the basics and then practice them.

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