3 guys talk

Let me tell you a story.

I was having drinks with a couple of friends from college.

As often happens in middle age, we started discussing the direction our lives have taken.

One of these friends is an attorney. We’ll call him Andy. (but I changed the names to protect the innocent)

Works hard.

Work long hours.

Desperately wants to “make partner” in his firm.

But even with a decent attorney’s salary, money still seems to be a haunting issue.

The other friend buys into businesses as a partner, turns them around, and then has the other partners buy him out once the work is complete and the company is booming. We’ll call him Marvin.

He works hard too.

Also with very long hours.

But the money is great.

Marvin asked Andy:
“Why work so many years so hard just to make partner in your law firm? Is the extra money really worth it? Is the “prestige” really worth it?

He continued:
“Why not just look for a better opportunity, and make a lot more money in a lot less time?”

I smiled as I do it yet a different way.

Let me explain…

Andy does it the old-fashioned way:
Study hard, get a good paying, safe & secure job, work hard, make partner, finally get to spend time with your kids once you retire (and they are all grown up and out of the house).

Marvin does it the traditional entrepreneur’s way:
Buy into a business, fix what’s wrong, build them up, makes them much more valuable over time, and then sells his share for a very sweet payday.

Then there’s me.

I do it the modern lifestyle entrepreneur’s way:
I look to make a lean, mean, lightweight, zero-employee operation that will continue to fund me and my lifestyle over time.

I don’t aim to start a business with a lot of overhead, and I don’t worry about “prestige”. I simply want to have a business that funds me very well and doesn’t take up too much of my time, because my focus is purely on entrepreneurial lifestyle.

A lifestyle that means all the time I want with my kids when they’re young, travelling the world at will, carrying no d3bt, and all the enjoyment of a business with none of the burdens.

So what’s the best for you?

A. Making partner & having prestige?
B. Going big & spending all your time?
C. Burden-free & well-funded lifestyle?

The choice is yours.

It’s all how you focus.

And what you CHOOSE to build for yourself.

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It’s heavy on lifestyle, light on overhead.

But time is running out.

We start next week.

So get onboard now before it’s too late.

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