2nd Guessing Churchillian-style

I read a fascinating essay by one of my heroes, Winston Churchill, about second-guessing yourself.

In it he debates every aspect of his life, every choice he made,

Big or small,

Momentous or mundane.

And he asks what would have happened if he had not done what he actually did, or if he had made the opposite choice.

Everything from his choice to smoke tobacco to his forced decision to put his gun down to be able to commandeer a train that was taken over by the enemy. (And when he was then captured, he was able to claim he was just a journalist, as he was unarmed.)

Have you ever done the same?

Second guessed yourself?

I’m sure you have.

(and I know many people who do it routinely…)

Do you beat yourself up over what might have been?

But how do you REALLY know?

That’s the question.

And that’s the problem.

You don’t know.

What would, or would not, have happened if you had crossed the road at that exact moment?

What would, or would not, have happened if you never asked that girl to dance?

What would, or would not, have happened if you had never read that book? (Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad for me)

What would, or would not, have happened if you had never “taken that chance” and gone off into business for yourself?

And on, and on, and on…

You can drive yourself nuts thinking of all the possibilities and permutations.

The thing is — and this is the conclusion Churchill comes to — that you are where you are because of the choices that you made, knowingly or unknowingly.

You CANNOT predict what exactly will, or will not, happen.

You just have to roll with the punches and deal with what is presented to you.

So make the best choices you can.

Pursue the path you want to be on.

Fight for the outcomes you want to have.

If I hadn’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad, would I have ever satisfied my entrepreneurial itch and set myself free?


Maybe not.

But I’m thrilled that I did.

And I want to share that thrill with you, so you can experience the sheer joy and excitement of being an independent real estate entrepreneur.

That’s become my mission.

And that’s why I teach my 3-day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

Perhaps you’ve been 2nd guessing the investment.

I understand.

But if not making the investment in yourself hasn’t worked out so far, then perhaps it’s time to see if making it does.

There’s only one way to know…

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