My 2017 Predictions

I nailed 2016 darn near perfectly, so let’s see what’s in store for 2017.

On the record I’ll happily tell you:

#1. — The machine of the American economy will become super well-oiled and start to buzz like it hasn’t since the 1980s.

Massive prosperity will start to flourish.

The USA has been held down for too long, and that just isn’t in our nature as a people.

Now that the socialism-inspired cuffs are off, it’s boom time.

If you doubt me on this, just wait and see.

I’ll be right again.


But don’t miss out.

The removed obstacles, massively improved flow, and rising tide will lift all boats, so be sure to get yours in the water.

(And by “boat” I mean your entrepreneurial real estate business, if you didn’t figure that out.)

#2. — Taxes will get a whole heck of a lot better for everyone, not just small businesses.

Which will lead to people having more money in their hot little pockets.

And when people have more money available, they spend it and they invest it.

Which is why I want you to be in the business of buying, selling, and renting houses to people ready to move up in life.

Lower taxes means better business profits, which means more people working, and more expansion, all of which is good for rents in areas aching to finally grow.

Get involved now.

Otherwise you’ll be one of those people droning on about how they “wish they would have bought there 10 years ago”. Come on, anyone can look back and know where to have bought. But successful investors look forward clearly, have a solid plan for today, and buy for the future. After all, you don’t drive looking in your rear-view mirror the whole time.

#3. — The government will start to shrink in size.

This will be a tough fight, as government isn’t a culture that strives for efficiency — after all, there is no bonus for not spending every penny allocated to a given department.

But I think the forces of doing what’s right will win, even if the current status-quo forces fight it hard.

#4. — Most “conventional wisdom” will be shown to be false.

This trend already started.

2016 proved that all the so-called “brilliant thinkers” are actually anything but.

They got nothing right and called it all wrong. So why bother paying any attention to them anymore?

2017 will continue to see their decline.

Especially for the media.

Why bother spending your precious time watching news when they have been nothing but wrong. (Mainly due to their ideological blinders).

Spend your time elsewhere.

We’re all mortal after all, so time is limited. I’d rather read awesome books, go to live events, be with family & friends on adventures, and revel in the excitement of constantly building a real estate business.

#5. — Real estate entrepreneurs like us will have our best year ever.

More leads.

More deals.

More profits.


If you are involved, active, and up-and-running so you don’t miss out.

The time is finally now.


Will I be right again?

Time will tell.

As always, I’m prepared for anything.

Are you?

No matter what happens in 2017, the time to get Traction and stop spinning your wheels is now.

My Rapid Cash Generator system and bootcamp will teach you what you need to know so you can not just survive, but thrive.

There’s no reason to wait any longer.

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