My 2016 predictions

Most people will wait until the end of the month, but I’m going to do it now.

Time to go on the record with my predictions for 2016.

I’ve been right in the past.

And fully expect to be again. *grin*

So here goes:

#1 — Trump will be voted president.

America is like a business. It needs to be run correctly. And who’s CEO makes all the difference.

Trump will excel at the role and make the tough changes necessary, even if painful. Especially as he isn’t bought and paid for by anyone (unlike ALL the others).

I’m obviously a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship, and Trump is a massively successful entrepreneur.

It’s what America desperately needs.

#2 — Safe and secure jobs will continue to be exposed as anything but.

More businesses will collapse leaving even more people without jobs.

High taxes, absurd Obamacare costs, and government interference in the free market will continue to wreck businesses, either taking them down or forcing them to shed employees. Technology just makes it easier and easier.

When the true unemployment numbers become commonly known, it’ll be a rude awakening for many.

#3 — Entrepreneurs will continue to rise.

More nimble and quick, and closer to the front lines, entrepreneurs will be able to expand and grow.

We will be ready to adapt to the changes, avoid the pitfalls, and continue to protect and support our families.

#4 — More terrorist attacks will rock our world.

Yet half the ostriches out there will continue to keep their heads DEEP in the sand and avoid or deny admitting what is really happening.

Either because they truly are blind, or because they are blinded by their ideology and adherence to their dangerous leaders.

#5 — America will start to rebound. (Probably beyond next year honestly.)

I don’t think you can keep the American spirit down forever.

It’s been beat down, made fun of, maligned, and ridiculed, but I think it will rise again.

Because the American spirit to conquer adversity and succeed is effectively the human spirit to conquer adversity and succeed.

And that is a spirit I think was given to us by our Creator and cannot be fully beaten out of us no matter how hard certain types of people try.

Will I be right?

Time will tell.

I’m prepared for anything.

Are you?

No matter what happens in 2016, the time to get traction and stop spinning your wheels is now.

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