Deductions to still take this year

There’s only 1 day left in 2015.

And that means there’s only 1 day left to take tax deductions for expenses this calendar year.

Reduce your tax as much as possible because money saved now is always worth more than money saved in the future.

I have some great deductions you can take now.

(Yup, they are all in the ‘Professional Development’ category)

#1: My 3-day Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp
You’ll learn how to go from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals by quick-turning houses.
Go here:

#2: My 1-Day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass
This MasterClass will get you moving if you’re a newbie, and rocket you ahead if you are intermediate or advanced.
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#3: Traction REIA Membership
If you are in the DC area, join our community of active real estate investors for monthly meetings, networking, in-depth training events, discounts at The Home Depot, and much more.
Go here:

All easy deductions.

And all will produce terrific returns for you when you apply what I teach you.

Use the links above now before 2015 ends and this opportunity is gone forever.

Tick tock…

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors