2 ways to drive for deals

There are two ways of doing driving for deals.

Both work great for finding deals at next to no cost.

Block out an hour every week to dedicate do driving around your target neighborhoods looking for houses that are rundown and dilapidated or that look like they need some extra TLC. Treat this hour seriously, as seriously as you would treat a doctor’s appointment or an airplane to catch. Don’t miss it, don’t skip it, and if you absolutely cannot make it, then reschedule it, but make sure that it gets done no matter what.

If you don’t have an hour to dedicate on a regular basis, then simply work driving for deals into your everyday routine. Think about it, you don’t need to drive the exact same way to work each day. You can take a 5 minute detour on your way to work in the morning, and a 5 minute detour on your way home in the afternoon, and then you’ve spent 10 minutes each day driving through neighborhoods looking for houses that could qualify as deals. With 5 work days in a week, that will amount to 50 minutes spent each week driving for deals. You’ve practically got your hour right there and you haven’t really spent more time than what being stuck in traffic wouldn’t have done for you anyway.

Choose whichever method will work best for you.

Then use this method during our 7-day challenge that starts next week after our main Traction REIA event ONLINE.

Start by attending Traction REIA ONLINE on Thursday March 23rd and we’ll frame out everything that you need to know for the challenge.

Here’s how it works:

1. Matt Kamp from DealMachine is going to teach you about finding off-market deals at our next Traction REIA event (which is totally ONLINE this month) on Thursday March 23rd.

2. We are conducting a 7-day challenge that starts on Friday March 24th. The goal is to get you out there actively looking for deals and to get you some serious leads that you can convert into deals.

I will be participating along with you. As will my son Tommy. (He’s also excited to rise to the challenge!)

3. Matt and I will be conducting 3 live trainings on Zoom during the 7-day challenge to help keep you on track and teach you more and more at each training.

4. At the end of the 7 days, you’ll be moving briskly, and there’s a strong possibility that you’ll have a deal on your plate as well. Obviously I can’t guarantee it, but follow the steps we teach you and it’s just a matter of time, as it works for us. Either way, you get yourself moving in the right direction at high speed. Good things happen then.

Remember, “Driving for Deals” is one of the fastest and most straight-forward ways to find deals.

And, other than gas, it doesn’t really cost anything, so is very accessible.

Works nationwide. Join us from anywhere.

Want in on the challenge?

Join us ONLINE here:

#1.  ONLINE :: Main Monthly Meeting

Matt Kamp from DealMachine– “7 Days To Traction: Finding Off-Market Deals Challenge”

Thursday March 23rd
6pm to 9pm Eastern
5pm to 8pm Central
4pm to 7pm Mountain
3pm to 6pm Pacific

Click here to RSVP

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