11 Speakers are on our Blacklist

Do you know that we have a blacklist?

Yes, that’s right, Traction REIA has a blacklist of speakers that we will not allow to speak to the group and that we will simply not do any business with.

Currently there are 11 speakers on this list. These are people we know who have conducted themselves unethically, who have products that don’t match up to or live up to their promises, or people who are simply “full of it”. Some of them are big names that you have probably heard of.

We take the business of real estate education seriously, and we have no room for speakers who are “all hat and no cattle”.

When we were starting out, we built our investing business by attending Traction REIA and by applying the techniques we learned from the many gifted and knowledgeable speakers who shared their techniques with us.

When there was a speaker who inspired us or whose system rang a bell with us, then we invested in it.

It almost always paid off, as just one useful technique could produce many times more profits than the cost of the system.

However, sometimes we got burned. A product turned out to be junk, nothing more than a brick in a box. This was always disappointing, and we always returned it.

This is another benefit of membership, we protect you from the fraudulent speakers who sell nothing but junk. We screen the people who come to speak at Traction REIA and we will not present anyone who doesn’t meet our very high standards.

Have we ever made a mistake?

You bet!

Mistakes do happen and we have been disappointed before, but we act as a buffer to protect our members. We’ve refunded members (out of our own pocket) who invested in a system and returned it even though the speaker hadn’t refunded us. It’s just the right thing to do.

What else should you watch out for?

There are so many fabulous promises being made by all of the email lists you are on.

So many compelling offers.

It is all just overwhelming and confusing when it comes right down to it.

Our advice?

Try to ignore all the hype out there. I’m sure you are on many mailing lists and each one is constantly promoting something, something they call the “latest and greatest” and it will only be around for a very “limited time”, and often times every list you are on is promoting the very same thing at the same time as part of a “launch” of something one of their “friends” is selling.

There are tons of these launches happening and it can be very hard to resist the hype. But try to separate the hype from the actual value.

Pay attention to what you are actually getting and be sure they stand behind their product.

And be careful of hidden and undisclosed “continuity programs”.

This is where you get billed a small amount on a monthly basis (usually for something of questionable value) and the hope is that you won’t notice or can’t be bothered enough to call and cancel. Or they make it so hard to cancel that you give up trying.

I’ve personally been caught in two of these and it was irritating trying to get them to stop charging me for something I didn’t even realize that I had signed up for (and I’m the kind of person who actually reads the small print!)

There is nothing wrong with billing monthly for something of solid value, but I simply object to not disclosing to someone that they are signing up for a recurring monthly charge. It should be clearly stated on the order page that the charge is recurring.

Just avoid this entire game and play it safe and let us screen speakers for you.

That is one of our major missions at Traction REIA, to bring you only the best and the brightest and to be sure that we screen for quality and accuracy of the information that is presented to you.

Remember, we stand behind what we promote.

No one on our blacklist will ever present at a Traction REIA event.

There is no better method for learning the real estate investing business than to actively attend and participate in your REIA. Everything you need comes together in one room. We also structure the overall programs so that they build on each other and provide you with the education, knowledge and networking you need to succeed. And you can get to know everyone personally and look them in the eye and know that you are dealing with straight-shooters.

Let us guide you, teach you, and lead you — all in an ethical and moral manner.

The new groups in Tampa & Sarasota will be handed with the same high standard as we have the DC group for the past 13 years.

We welcome any thoughts, comments or feedback you may have.

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To your success,
Tom & Carolina Zeeb
Traction REIA
Washington DC | Tampa | Sarasota | Online

Traction REIA:
12+ Year Recipient of the National REIA “Honors of Merit”
and the “Award of Excellence”
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