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31 Mar

Just paying big doesn’t guarantee anything either

My message yesterday about "coming back when you have a spine" really hit a chord. STEPHANIE B.: I LOVE your emails Tom and your insight. LISA I: Awesome! But there is one guarantee: if you...

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30 Mar

Come back when you’ve got a spine

I received, yet again, one of the most often asked questions... "Tom, I'm just getting started, but I'm very afraid of losing money. What if I fail and lose money? I cant allow that to...

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26 Mar

The map is not the terrain

Maps tell you where the treasure is. They tell you how to get to the gold. But the map is not the terrain. Sometimes the journey is more difficult than it originally appeared. The situation...

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24 Mar

Why doing a real estate deal is like bringing a baby home from the hospital

We brought our new baby boy home from the hospital. Wow! So much starts to race through your mind... Will he stay healthy? What will he be like when he grows up? Will I be...

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21 Mar

It’s a Boy!

It's a boy! We are very happy to announce the birth of our new son Dominic Zachary Zeeb. All went exceptionally smooth. And now mother and son are resting peacefully. Time for me to catch...

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20 Mar

Boy or girl?

Unlike with our first kid, the baby didn't disrupt the Traction REIA meeting last night. But now the doctor wants her in the hospital tonight for monitoring and delivery probably tomorrow. So now the only...

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19 Mar

Free unicorn rides for a limited time

I'm now offering free unicorn rides when you sign up for my Rapid Cash Generation bootcamp. But only for a limited time. It seems to work for all the other "gurus" out there, so I...

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17 Mar

How to analyze commercial deals in 10 minutes

Yesterday I told you about a graduated student of mine named Michael Blank and how he has gotten into commercial real estate. He talked about the #1 skill you need if you're even remotely interested...

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16 Mar

How to earn a “Blank” check

I had a very good interview Michael Blank over lunch. He is one of my graduated students and became hugely successful with flipping houses. Michael's an entrepreneur through and through. His experience ranges from software...

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13 Mar

Celebrating Keeja’s First Deal

I received this message from a newly successful Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp student: "Tom, your training program is spot on with our current real estate market. The principles and lessons learned are exactly what we...

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