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25 Nov

The ’cause and effect’ of attracting ideal clients

Every effect has a cause. And every cause has an effect. You knew that. You learned it in high school. But what you probably never learned is the Cause that creates the Effect of ideal...

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24 Nov

If Wikileaks knew this existed, they’d have stolen it and shared it with you

There's a time to gather lots of marketing information and know-how. And then there's a time to throw 90% of it away. And pick up utter simplicity in its place. Why? Because of what Oliver...

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21 Nov

Larry’s rainy San Juan cafe

Picture this... It's pouring down rain. The proverbial cats and dogs. Everyone running helter-skelter. It's hard to see as every time you look up your eyes get pelted with rain drops like bullets. I look...

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18 Nov

Pushing doctors around

CHLOE: Cutting her open? Wow! What happened? Is Carolina okay? Don't leave out the details! TOM: Thanks for asking. Yes, she's okay. The parts they wanted to cut out of her were the tubes. (Yes,...

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17 Nov

Cutting my wife open

Let me tell you a very personal story. A couple years ago, a doctor wanted to cut my wife open and extract some parts because she didn't see any alternative to the pain that my...

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14 Nov

Slower than molasses flowing uphill in the middle of winter

Last week I revealed how I break a week up into 21 segments with each day having 3 sectors. It is a revolutionary concept to most people. (If you missed it, you can read it...

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13 Nov

Getting Down and Dirty with Filthy Riches Homes

On a personal note... I've known Larry Goins for many years from the National Real Estate Investor Cruises. We've spent time aboard the ship and in the ports and we've always had great discussions about...

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11 Nov

Why quitting is so easy

Quitting is easy. It takes no effort. And it's a simple choice to make. (And yes, it's a choice.) It's the easy way out. That's why most people do it. On the other hand, SUCCESS...

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10 Nov

The high school dance approach to real estate investing

Many real estate investors seem to be stuck at their high school dance when it comes to getting deals done. How so? It's like that girl you never asked to dance in high school. A...

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07 Nov

The 3 time zones in a day

Last week I asked you for the one thing is stopping you the most from building (or expanding) the real estate business you want. The responses that poured in were wide and varied, but there...

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