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04 Mar

Getting warm from the same wood twice

One of my Rapid Cash Generator students asked me why I have them get personally involved with each step of the deal making process. My response? "The man who chops his own firewood gets warm...

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26 Feb

Business like a candle in the wind

Do run your business like a candle in the wind? Will your business burn out long before your profits ever come in? That would be a shame. Especially if you never got to know success...

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24 Feb

Being flaky or having the right mindset

If you've read at least a few of my messages over time, you'll know I don't like "flaky". Be it flaky people or flaky ideas. Flaky people believe in the ridiculous. Like "attracting" things to...

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23 Feb

Our controversial non-boring “Snow Policy”

There's a business lesson in this... People have asked me about our snow or inclement weather cancellation policy. We certainly don't follow any school system's closures or the Federal government's policy. Both would assume the...

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18 Feb

Rules of the Lame

QUESTION: “Tom, I’m torn. It just doesn’t seem like a good time to be going off on my own. The future is just too uncertain. I want more, but I’m hesitant to take the leap,...

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17 Feb

Who’s more dangerous: Attorneys or Investors?

Ever wonder why attorneys always seem to have a black cloud over their head? They are more likely to shoot down your creative investing ideas, than to help you build them up. They are trained...

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16 Feb

Why I Use the “F Word” Constantly

I really like the "F word". In fact, I constantly shout it at people who attend my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp. I then brag about using it. Some of the people I use it on...

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12 Feb

The Benefits of Bed Rest

I'm overwhelmed and extremely grateful for all the messages, best wishes, and prayers from our Traction Family. Thank you so much! I'm glad to report that I'm feeling very well and the baby has been...

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12 Feb

Warts that make you prettier

We all have them. We all try to hide them. But I'm going to actually show you mine. When you see them perhaps you'll realize that they've made me stronger. What am I talking about,...

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11 Feb

The show must go on!

My wife Carolina and I like to say that "The Show Must Go On!" -- just like on Broadway. Meaning no matter what happens to us personally, business must continue to be conducted so that...

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