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16 Oct

My article on HousingWire

Take a look at today's I have an article there called "Congress must extend housing short sale tax relief" and it details why the threat of tax penalties has a chilling effect on recovery....

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15 Oct

Mind your Qs and As

A few questions & comments have rolled in about my 3-day bootcamp this weekend. Here they are... RAUL: Tom, I'm on the fence about attending, can you give me an example of something you'll be...

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14 Oct

Blatant pitch time

This is it. This is the last chance to get onboard the Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp, as it starts on Friday. Here's what you are going to learn: * How to Generate Rapid Cash. (a...

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13 Oct

Why quitters are like pill-poppers

Ever try a diet for a few days and then quit because it "didn't work"? Ever take a vitamin or supplement a couple times, but then give up because you didn't get results immediately? People...

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10 Oct

Not bad for a white guy

"Not bad for a guailo," she said. I looked curiously up from my meal. "A what?" I responded? "Not bad for a white guy." She was referring to my use of chopsticks. Showing off, I...

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08 Oct

I believe in America

A concerned reader writes: "Tom, Like you I too had my health insurance canceled. And my premium is going up 44%. How is that "affordable"? I feel shocked and disappointed that it all wasn't true....

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07 Oct

Flying the fringe

I took my first flying lesson today. In a VERY small plane. It was a wildly magnificent experience. So much to learn, so much knowledge and data to process, so many skills to master. Methinks...

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05 Oct

Get a room!

Need a room? My 3-day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp is coming up next week, October 17-19. And that means that TODAY is the last day to book a hotel room at the IAD Dulles Airport...

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03 Oct

The call I’ve been waiting for…

I finally got the call I've been waiting for... From my insurance broker. She told me I need to change my health care plan, as the old one has now been cancelled. But I thought...

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02 Oct

3 quick Questions & Answers

3 quick Questions & Answers: QUESTION 1: Why haven't I received any emails from you for more than a week? ANSWER: Honestly, I got super busy and just didn't write. I had a big closing...

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