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20 Apr

See me in your neck of the woods

Due to high demand, my Rapid Cash Generator training is on the road a lot the next few weeks. If you are near any of the locations below, come out and learn my system for...

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17 Apr

Thanks for a GREAT welcome back

After almost 8 weeks of bedrest and 3 weeks of a newborn baby, I finally made it back to Traction REIA last night. And I was graciously surprised and happily elated by the very special...

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16 Apr

That information was worth?

After last night's meeting, Traction REIA member Rosie Wilson said: "The meeting was very informative. Chris McClatchey was excellent in his delivery. As I exclaimed to him, "that information was worth a million bucks!" I...

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14 Apr

The ceiling of your own perception

Always be aware of your blind spots. Things you automatically believe are true, even though you don't have any factual proof. The "ceiling of your own perception" as my mentor Dov calls it. It's problematic...

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13 Apr

Do you have change for a paradigm?

Yes. Yes I do. And it's far more than 2 nickels. Because change needs to happen. If anything is going to improve, If anything is going to grow, If anything is going to finally be...

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10 Apr

Keep Buggering On

Let me tell you a story. Earlier this week a Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp student wrote to me saying: "Nothing is happening for me. I'm really starting to get discouraged. I not only want this...

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09 Apr

I can resist anything except temptation

"I can resist anything except temptation." A solid quote from Oscar Wilde. And very true for real estate investors specifically. How? Easy. They get distracted by all the temptations: * TV * Sports * The...

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07 Apr

Are you really stupid?

A friend asked me if I teach "stupid people". Are the people who decide to go into business on their own just zany dreamers who aren't to be taken seriously? Do any "serious" people start...

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02 Apr

The Tony Soprano School of Real Estate

Even Tony Soprano found out that old blighted neighborhoods can change. Remember that episode of the Sopranos when Tony sells a building to some developers looking to put in a "Jamba Juice" store? It's a...

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31 Mar

Just paying big doesn’t guarantee anything either

My message yesterday about "coming back when you have a spine" really hit a chord. STEPHANIE B.: I LOVE your emails Tom and your insight. LISA I: Awesome! But there is one guarantee: if you...

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