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19 Dec

The Phineas & Ferb approach to your best year ever

I love Disney's animated Phineas & Ferb show. * The oddly shaped heads of the characters. * The very sophisticated, yet clean, humor. * The super cool superhero Perry the Platypus. * And the oddly...

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17 Dec

How insensitive!

My message yesterday incited some strong reactions: "How insensitive you are! Not everyones life is long. Some people's lifes are short. You'd know that if anyone close to you died. Not everyone get the chance...

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16 Dec

Why life is not short

In years past I use to be like everyone else and say "Life is short." But I no longer think that is actually true. We all generally have a solid amount of time to be...

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15 Dec

How to make 2015 your best year ever

I'm sure the same is happening to you... As the year comes to a close, I've been thinking a lot about what's happened & not happened. Thinking about things that worked out GREAT. And about...

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12 Dec

11 lessons I wish my dad had taught me about real estate

My son is VERY curious about the world and the way things work. He's still at the age where he asks "why?" to everything. Rather than dismiss him with the standard answer of "Just because",...

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10 Dec

The drunken pilot’s million dollar real estate lesson

Let me tell you a story. A kinda freaky story that can dramatically improve your chances of making real estate deals... A couple years ago I was on a small jet leaving Idaho after a...

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09 Dec

House of Reps passes our Bill

We've been working hard behind the scenes. Who? National REIA, our lobbyist John Grant, and me. Why? To get a specific piece of legislation passed. What legislation? The "Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act". This is...

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05 Dec

The Spectre of Defeat

I like the title of the new James Bond movie. "Spectre" Brings back great moments of the early Bond films. Like when Bond chides his adversary Largo by saying: "I thought I saw the spectre...

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04 Dec

What’s down the road

What's down the road? You don't really know. Anything can happen. Therefore down the road or what's coming is actually a dangerous thing to wait for. What if it never comes? What if it never...

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03 Dec

The vicious cycle of endless tire kicking

A reader was irritated by a previous email when I criticized "endless tire kickers who can never make a decision." He writes: "Where do you get the idea that everybody has the financial ability to...

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