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31 Oct

Monsters who haunt your deals

Because it's Halloween tonight... Let's talk about the 6 types of real estate business monsters that lurk out there in the dark and dreary corners of the investing world. When you encounter any of these...

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30 Oct

A hangover’s effects grossly overrated

Let me tell you a story. Some investors grossly overrated the imagined hangover, avoided the deal, and instead suffered the effects of their paralysis. How so? Well... I always follow-up on the wholesale deals I...

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29 Oct

Stop driving through the rear view mirror

***Yesterday I asked you to quickly reply to a few quick questions so I can continue to help you further. The sheer volume of responses has been excellent! Please continue to respond to that message....

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28 Oct

Reply requested

I need your help. Please take 1 minute, reply in the comments section below, and answer 3 quick questions. I'll share the results with you when complete. #1: What one thing is stopping you the...

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27 Oct

Rome was built

Rome was built. It wasn't built in a day, but it was indeed built. Other cultures just hunted and survived one kill at a time or one batch of berries at a time. They kept...

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21 Oct

Off to the races in Kentucky (see me in Louisville this week)

I'm off to the races in Kentucky. If you live anywhere nearby, come see me in Louisville this week. #1 I'll be speaking at Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association on Thursday (Oct 23rd) teaching you...

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20 Oct

Windows vs Mac?

I hear people whine all the time about using Windows as an operating system. And they curse Bill Gates for all of their problems. They dream of buying a Mac someday, as if that will...

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16 Oct

My article on HousingWire

Take a look at today's I have an article there called "Congress must extend housing short sale tax relief" and it details why the threat of tax penalties has a chilling effect on recovery....

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15 Oct

Mind your Qs and As

A few questions & comments have rolled in about my 3-day bootcamp this weekend. Here they are... RAUL: Tom, I'm on the fence about attending, can you give me an example of something you'll be...

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14 Oct

Blatant pitch time

This is it. This is the last chance to get onboard the Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp, as it starts on Friday. Here's what you are going to learn: * How to Generate Rapid Cash. (a...

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