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25 May

Doubling down on stupidity

I call it "Doubling Down on Stupidity". Rather than just admitting they're wrong, and then correcting themselves to get better, many people just double down on their stupidity. I find it an annoying human trait...

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19 May

Ignoring the ace up your sleeve

Many people keep an ace up their sleeve thinking they'll save it for when they need it. Then the game progresses and... They lose. Because they waited too long. They never got a chance to...

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14 May

Meeting with success

(Group photo above) At the Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp event you'll meet my students (your fellow classmates). We'll talk about the deals that they are currently doing. You'll meet my students who are using what...

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13 May

23 Intriguing reasons to be there

QUESTION: "Tom, what exactly do you teach at your Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp? Can you give me an idea of what to expect for the investment?" TOM: Good question. Here goes... 23 of the many...

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12 May

Here’s what I did with mine

I've had a few people comment last week that my "Rapid Cash Generation" system (which is "wholesaling") is not good for them because it requires them to keep actively doing deals. I don't agree. Here's...

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11 May

Kindergarten dreams of giving up 1 weekend to turn every day into a weekend

At dinner tonight, my oldest son told me he wished school was only 1 day per week and the rest of the days were weekend days. That way he could play sports non-stop, build Legos,...

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08 May

Dropping out of James Bond’s ninja school

Ever notice how many promoters out there are always trying to sell you their "ninja" tactics? It's all just hype. Marketing hype. And business hype. Real profits from real businesses aren't made under cover of...

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07 May

Yesterday’s so far away, today is nearly gone, tomorrow’s looming…

Yesterday's so far away. Today is nearly gone. Tomorrow's looming... So what are you gonna do about it? Keep on with the same old, same old? That hasn't worked, has it? It's time for something...

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04 May

My love-hate secret garden

I turned around for what seemed like a minute... And now it's weeds everywhere. You see, I moved house a couple months ago. And the new place is awesome and has a lovely garden out...

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01 May

I had a dream

My 6 year old son always asks me what I dreamt of. He and my wife can remember their dreams vividly, but I only remember if I wake up during it or if I get...

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