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31 Aug

Success is a capital sum reduced by expenditure?

Is success a capital sum reduced by expenditure? Once you use up "your share", it's all gone? Can you meet your lifetime allotment of success and then have no more? No. I think that's nonsense....

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28 Aug

Toilet Lust

I recently moved house. During the updating process I fell in love with a rather odd object... A toilet. Not just any toilet. A rectangular, stylish, modern toilet. I simply HAD TO have it. But...

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21 Aug

My Final 2015 MasterClass

"Tom: Excellent presentation last night.  You were very open, informative, energetic, fun, honest and sincere.  I felt like I got to see a side of Tom that only his real friends get to see.  Sleeves...

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20 Aug

Being surrounded by the right people

Some comments on Meetup from last night's Traction REIA: "Tom Zeeb had a lot of energy. He provided a highlight on his wholesale course which provided a lot of gold nugget enough to wet my...

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19 Aug

The starters gun kills the soft life

People get lazy over the summer. Yes, it's fine to take a break. But too much "break" can leave you far behind, and being behind leaves you stuck where you at currently at, rather than...

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18 Aug

New or Old?

HEATHER S.: "Tom, I see that you are speaking at Traction REIA this week. I've seen you speak before and have enjoyed it, but will this be the same presentation as before, or will you...

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17 Aug

The change you want needs to be clearer than the path you’re on

My marketing coach made a brilliant comment the other day. He said: "The change you want needs to be clearer than the path you're on" True dat. And that's usually the problem for most people....

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14 Aug

Why more cowbell = more money

Consider the sheer genius of Christopher Walken's quote in the famous Saturday Night Live "More Cowbell" sketch: "I put my pants just like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except once my...

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13 Aug

Wasabi afterburn

A very cool testimonial came in from one of my previous MasterClass events: ANIL D. (from Philly): I noticed there is an OUTSTANDING deal that every new and even some of the "old head" experienced...

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12 Aug

My kind of town, Chicago is…

This Sunday (Aug 16th), I'm speaking at Chicago Creative Investors Association (CCIA). If you are anywhere in the Chicago area, you should join us and learn my system for quickly making money without money in...

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