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30 Jul

Forbidden fruit explains why I’ve been quiet

Miss me? I haven't sent you anything for a while. Why? Because I've been away. Somewhere exotic. And "forbidden". Where? I'll tell you tomorrow. Today I'm catching up on being back. While you wait, check...

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24 Jul

Cooking deals with the anel retentive chef

Remember Phil Hartman's "Anel Retentive Chef" character from the old Saturday Night Live? (I know that's spelled wrong, it's intentional) (Watch it on YouTube if you need a refresher) He played a chef who was...

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22 Jul

Teaching my son right

I let my older son see me do business. I bring him to houses I rehab and wholesale deal settlements because I want him to see that people can be -- and need to be...

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21 Jul

Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel

Some people don't think it is very manly to talk about their failures. Like mistakes are never made. Things never get goofed up. Or how sometimes everything just goes uncontrollably pear-shaped. Well, look at it...

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20 Jul

Killing the monsters under the bed

A reader wrote to me saying: "Tom, you seem to have a slight negative streak lately, which is strange. I'm used to having you inspire me, and you still do, but there's a dark undertone...

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03 Jul

Declaring Independence while Rome collapses

Passionate messages always get a mix bag of replies. Yesterday's "The dark hand of socialism" was no different. ( ) "Wow Tom. Very interesting." "Preach on brother!" "Well said Tom, Happy Independence Day!" "Tom,...

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02 Jul

The dark hand of socialism

At a restaurant the other night, some Eastern Europeans started asking me about the 4th of July holiday. What is it all about? Why does the founding of our country matter so much? Isn't it...

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01 Jul

Half of 15 equals…?

You do realize we are now halfway through 2015, don't you? My how time flies! (Whether or not you're having fun...) Just where does the time go? So how are those New Year's Resolutions coming...

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29 Jun

Jumping off a bridge for a living

Last year I went to a town in Bosnia named Mostar. (Where else would one vacation other than Bosnia and Herzegovina...) The center of the old town has a very high bridge spanning across it....

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24 Jun

The hero in your soul

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark. In the hopeless swamps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all, do not let the hero in your soul...

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